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With the increasing adoption of Generative AI in nearly every field of work, its history in the music industry, powered by AI technology, is no surprise. In its early days, GenAI was primarily used for restorative purposes, such as extracting vocals from old music tracks. However, as the technology continues to evolve, AI music generators are now able to create intricate compositions simply based on mood descriptions. These generators allow users to create music that is unique and tailored to their specific needs, showcasing the power of AI in transforming music creation. As a musician, songwriter, or recording artist, the idea of GenAI, as an innovative tool, filling in a few of your ‘ol songwriting blanks is an enticing proposition. But how well does it really work? And, what does it cost? Are the free AI-Music Generators any good? We’ve done a little investigating ourselves and created this Top 10 list of sites offering GenAI to create music.

So here they are, in no particular order, our 10 best AI music generator platforms:


Beatoven: AI Generated Music Platform

  •      Pricing: Free Trial, Subscription: 30 Min ($10/month), 60 Min ($20/month), Buy Minutes ($3 per min)

  •     User-friendliness: easy to use for beginners and advanced users

  •     Target Audience: video, podcast, game creators, one of the most popular AI music generators, utilizes AI algorithms to generate royalty-free music. It offers two ways to compose music; text to music or through genre/emotion. In addition to these content creation methods, also offers many customizations that a user can use to adapt their tracks, ensuring the music created meets their specific needs, including licensing terms and usage rights for the music created.

PROS: Affordable, easy to use, mood-based compositions

CONS: Limited variety in styles


AIVA: AI Generated songs

AIVA - AI Generated SongsAiva Technologies Logo

  •     Pricing: Free Version, Paid starting at $11/month

  •    User-friendliness: easy to use for beginners and advanced users

  •     Target Audience: composers, musicians, and people wanting to explore new tech

Aiva, “Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist”, has grown to become a popular product as it offers quality music generation in an efficient manner. This platform has many different preset styles that users can use, making AIVA a very beginner-friendly interface. Although there is a free plan, only the Pro Plan enables you to own songs; a full copyright in the created compositions.

PROS: High-quality, stylistic range, efficient, easy-to-use

CONS: Copyright ownership depends on your subscription plan. Limited complexity in composition

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Loudly: Royalty Free Background Music Service

Loudly: Royalty-Free Background Music ServiceLoudly logo

  •      Pricing: Free version. Paid starting at $5.99/month. Also offers music distribution from $2.99/month

  •     User-friendliness: Loudly is easy for beginners to to navigate, but it’s advantageous to have some musical production skills under your belt.

  •    Target Audience: Creators of all types: filmmakers, content creators, game developers

The Loudly platform offers a lot of cool features, including tools for collaborative projects and plenty of editable elements. Plus, the platform generates multiple tracks, giving the user a variety of selections based on their inputted criteria. Loudly enables the creation of unique songs tailored to the user's needs, emphasizing the platform's ability to generate unlimited royalty-free music that is both customizable and unique. Loudly provides access to royalty-free music that can be used by content creators, filmmakers, companies, and all other users looking to generate AI music.

PROS: Unique song breakdown, affordable, easy to use

CONS: Processing time limit, variance in audio quality


Soundraw: AI Music

Soundraw: AI MusicSoundraw logo

  •   Pricing: Free Version. Personal $16.99/month annually or $19.99/monthly

  • User-friendliness: Easy to navigate interface, image references for different parameters

  •   Target Audience: Creatives - music producers, video editors, podcasters, game developers

Soundraw is an AI music generator that allows users to generate compositions without needing any background in music composition. After selecting the mood, genre, and theme, Soundraw generates several variations of a song that can then be catered and further customized to meet your desired taste. Variations in tempo, length, and instrumentation can also be adjusted in the generated tracks. Soundraw excels in creating high-quality music that meets professional standards, offering unparalleled value to content creators and businesses seeking original and customizable compositions.

PROS:  Royalty-free, customization features, lifelong license

CONS: Developing AI features, limited free plan


Mubert Play: Interactive Music Streaming

Mubert Play: Interactive Music Streaming

  •     Pricing: Free Version, Starting $14/month

  • User-friendliness: Simple, easy to use

  • Target Audience: Appeals to all: hobbyists, professionals, companies, etc.

Mubert has a lot to offer, as it’s really simple to use and has great customization capabilities. Mubert offers a variety of products that include: Mubert Render (for content creators), Mubert Studio (for artists), Mubert Extension (for content creators), Mubert API(for developers and brands), and Mubert Play (for listeners). This library is appealing for many use cases and audiences ranging from musicians, beginner creatives, shop owners, and much more. Additionally, Mubert excels in generating royalty free background music suitable for a wide range of applications, including YouTube, Tik Tok, podcasts, and videos, offering ease and speed in creating AI-generated soundtracks tailored to specific lengths, moods, and styles.

PROS: Simple interface, highly developed, third-party integration

CONS: Limitations on number of generations with free plan, long tracks extra generation time

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Soundful: AI Music Generator for Creators


  •    Pricing: Free Version. Paid starting at $7.42 per month

  •    User-friendliness: Versatile site, easy to navigate

  •   Target Audience: Creators for any use case (social media, corporate, advertisement, etc.)

Soundful has many features that are great for a variety of uses; including video editing, voiceover creation, and transcription. It also allows for audio generation, such as the creation of realistic voiceovers using its text-to-speech technology.  Similar to the other platforms on this list, Soundful also has several different templates users can choose from, depending on what they're looking to create.

PROS: Variety of genres/templates, text prompt-based music generation

CONS: Limited customization


Boomy: Make Generative Music with Artificial Intelligence

Boomy: Generative AI MusicBoomy logo

  •    Pricing: Free. Paid starting at $9.99/month

  •   User-friendliness: Easy to use, premade styles for fast creation

  • Target Audience: Musicians, producers, artists

This AI music generator offers great resources for musicians and music enthusiasts. It features a well-developed monetization process for AI music content generated through the platform. Boomy is very user-friendly and well-connected to streaming platforms.

PROS: Good for beginners, streaming platform connections, established community of artists

CONS: Limited creative freedom, paid commercial license only, potential legal issues


MuseNet from OpenAI

MuseNet from OpenAI

  •    Pricing: Open access

  •   User-friendliness: *Research-based platform

  • Target Audience: *Research based platform.

MuseNet is a deep neural network, developed by OpenAI, that integrates many different musical styles to create some truly fascinating ai music compositions. Like the other platforms listed, MuseNet is innovative and a great tool for AI generated music. It utilizes a prediction model that takes into account patterns in aspects of music, such as rhythm to predict the next musical composition. 

PROS: Innovative, pattern based, blending of generations

CONS: Niche use case, may not consider all instrument requests, difficulty processing odd pairings

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Ecrett Music: Easy Way to Create Royalty Free Music

Ecrett Music: Develop royalty-free AI music for all types of content Ecrett music

  •     Pricing: Free version, paid starting at $4.99/month

  •     User-friendliness: Simple interface, easy to navigate

  •     Target Audience: Game developers and content creators

This simple platform allows users of all backgrounds (video creators, game developers, podcasters, etc.) to develop royalty-free ai music for their content. Ecrett Music adds new patterns every month, improving the variety of compositions that can be generated on their platform. Even after inputting the same settings for creation, multiple generations that vary can be created by the user.

PROS: Efficient, convenient, easy to navigate, loop-formatted music creation

CONS: Limited creative freedom, limited choices in premade style selections


Amadeus Topline by Evoke

Amadeus Topline by Evoke AI songwriting assistant.Amadeus Topline AI music generator.

  •     Pricing: Free Version, Pay-as-you-go $1.99, Premium $9.99/month

  •    User-friendliness: Easy to navigate app, simple interface

  •    Target Audience: Artists

This songwriting assistant is a collaborative tool that aids artists in the composition process. The app can be utilized to compose music and search for royalty-free music. Amadeus Topline adds new data on a daily basis, allowing for more complex and interesting compositions to be created. It also empowers artists to create AI-generated songs, enhancing their ability to produce unique AI music tracks with ease. Furthermore, the music generated through Amadeus Topline ensures artists retain full copyright ownership, emphasizing the platform's commitment to fostering creativity while protecting artists' rights. This capability underscores the platform's effectiveness in helping users effortlessly create original songs, leveraging AI technology for extensive customization and high-quality output.

PROS: Simple interface, search features, MIDI mode

CONS: Solely app-based, doesn’t offer pre-generated music

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Akanksha Padheriya is a contributor to Creative Intell.